Policy Statement

  1. Plumtree Housing Association (PHA) will maintain and process personal data in a manner which fulfils the requirement of the GDPR
  2. The Trustees and staff of PHA shall abide by the requirements of the GDPR at all times and in particular the need for confidentiality, transparency, maintenance and disposal of records at an appropriate time.

  3. Before adding, changing or deleting personal data the appointed person shall follow the wishes of the person to whom the data relates.

  4. PHA Management Committee will :

  • Have a policy statement and appropriate procedures.

  • Identify all current personal data held about residents, staff and trustees,

  • Produce and maintain a consent form for personal data to be stored.

  • Produce a form of words of agreement for each person to sign.

  • Maintain a register of all customer enquiries.

  • Include the policy in PHA’s website.

  • At any point a person requests change or removal of data, such data shall be updated or deleted from PHA’s electronic system and hard copy will be destroyed by shredding. A record of this action to be recorded by the Data Protection Officer.

  • Appoint the position of a Data Protection Officer to the Management Committee.